New Single “One More Day To Dance”

22 Jan 2014, Posted by Jasper in Uncategorized

Hey everyone I am releasing the new single, “One More Day To Dance” as a free download. All you got to pay is a little of that social currency and help me spread the word. The hardest thing to do as an artist is be able to get in front of people’s ears, so I more than appreciate all the help I can get! Hope you enjoy the new song!

04 Sep 2013, Posted by Jasper in Music Making

“Living In The Thick Of It” – The new EP by Jasper Dickson out now!

Rock N’ Roll – Country – Soul.

It’s been awhile. I have finally polished off a new set of five songs for y’all. I am naming it after the last song on the album: “Living In The Thick Of It.” The sentiment pretty much sums up my experience whilst writing, recording, working and living during the time of these songs. It’s a five track EP and I am super proud of every one of them.

Now as self indulgent as it sounds I have really enjoyed the process of recording my first solo record, as I was able to get to know myself more musically and really find and hone my voice and the direction that it will continue to go in. I don’t care if you are a musician, writer, winemaker, taxidermist, pillow fluff specialist or semi-professional sheep herder, everyone in life needs to find their “sound.” It’s all about what makes you, you. You can listen to the entire album here on the Music Page

I was very lucky to have the good fortune to work with a multitude of great musicians all with super unique and inspiring voices. It all started out with Chris Kennedy on the drums and who also engineered the first few tracking sessions. The drums were recorded at his loft in this old beat up industrial building in downtown Los Angeles by the infamous titty bar “Sam’s Hofbrau.” Everything lent good atmosphere to the sound of the drums.

Chris Kennedy & Brendan Willard

Chris Kennedy & Brendan Willard


Then there was the fabulous Brendan Willard from the bands: Crooked Cowboy & RT and the 44’s on bass and Hunter Perrin of Thunderado & Le Flashcube on electric guitars; both of whom you will hear on future Jasper Dickson releases if they will put up with my shit again.

David Ralicke & Mark Wheaton

David Ralicke & Mark Wheaton


Then all recording was rounded off at the one of a kind studio located in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles: Catasonic. It is headed by the extremely talented and knowledgeable Mark Wheaton. Here we were lucky enough to record with David Ralicke of Dengue Fever on the horns, Joe B. on percussion and the super talented Cliff Beach & Marcela Carmona on backup vocals.

Cliff Beach & Marcela Carona

Cliff Beach & Marcela Carona


Of course we cannot forget marijuana cigarette enthusiast and award winning composer for the hit television series, “The Regular Show”, Albear on the keys.



Jasper Dickson



The record is now officially out worldwide and will be pretty much everywhere. Starting with iTunes and Amazon as of today and soon to be on: Spotify, Deezer, Rhapsody, etc. Hope you enjoy!